Leadership, Accountability and Governance.

Good governance is considered a core component of resilient health systems, and while governments are the primary drivers of governance, non-state actors – from practitioners to civil society – are critical in making sure that health systems achieve goals of improved health status, improved health system responsiveness to people’s expectations, and reduced financial risk to users of the health system.

CYAN Kenya works in partnership with other organizations to ensure good health governance is given a major focus, to upscale important aspects to responsibilities and relationships between health beneficiaries and users, political and government decision makers, and health service providers.

Our focus is on the following;

  •  Evidence-based policymaking
  • Efficient and effective service provision arrangements, regulatory frameworks, and management systems
  •  Responsiveness to public health needs and the preferences of beneficiaries’/citizens’ – while also managing their differences
  •  Transparency in policymaking, the way resources are allocated, and performance.
  •  Responsible leadership to address public health priorities
  • The legitimate exercise of beneficiaries’/citizens’ voice
  • Institutional checks and balances
  • Clear and enforceable accountability
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