Youth Economic Empowerment

It’s understood the youth peak is nearing with a generation of dependence rather than independence. The problem of the youths depending on others to sustain their living is why our organization is striving to achieve its goals by empowering the youths to take charge of their lives with the necessary skills and encouragement we offer them.
We provide career development mentorship in schools to choose and work in the most promising careers which can lead to creating independence through job creation after school rather than depending on others for employment. This will enable youths to be their own bosses in the modern economy. This is done through computer literacy training and access to helpful information to aid in finding good employment.
We partner with the government and like-minded NGOs to provide skills training and creation of youth empowerment programs and facilities in the community, thereby ensuring youths are empowered with the ability to be resilient and thrive in the modern living conditions.

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